A non-interactive team limits its focus to its own team. They may spend a little or a lot of time planning; however, it is completed without consideration for the larger picture and the needs of the other group or team. As a result, their planning efforts are minimally effective in accomplishing the overall goal of the organization. Non-interactive teams may display the following characteristics:

  • Avoiding or failing to take the needs and goals of other groups into account.
  • A tendency to isolate themselves and the team’s thinking.
  • A lack of vision regarding the importance of working with other groups to accomplish their goals.
  • Failing to identify and share valuable information, even though no overt hostility between groups exists.
  • A sole focus on devoting their time to completing their work without regard to other components of the task handled by others.

In the next several posts, we will describe cooperative teams, as well as the critical elements of effective team functioning.

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