Communication is essential in any effective team, and you aren’t properly communicating if you aren’t sharing relevant information!

There are indicators that can help teams determine whether they are working well together. They are the critical elements of inter-team functioning. How teams handle each of these areas determines how effectively they will interact with other groups.

When inter-team functioning is effective, you will see:

  • Sharing Relevant Information — Information is shared among team members with the goal of accomplishing the shared task.

Teams need to be aware of the dynamics that are operating between them and find ways to address the critical elements so that greater productivity and satisfaction can be achieved.

In our next post, we will explore shared goals and objectives, one of nine elements of effective inter-team functioning. 



Jungle Escape can be used as a standalone team building game or as part of a more comprehensive training program. It was developed specifically for new and intermediate work groups, but it’s also an excellent refresher and energizer for more mature teams. You can also use the game to:

  • Introduce the elements of effective teamwork
  • Kick off a team-building workshop or seminar
  • Improve productivity between multiple work teams
  • Identify group issues or concerns that block team performance
  • Energize established work teams

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Sharing relevant information is just one of the many elements of an effective team. Learn how to build a more effective team by becoming a more effective leader. Sign up for one of our leadership coaching events today!