The heart of the Mars Surface Rover activity is found in the leadership roles. These roles were specifically designed to demonstrate the typical leadership approaches. The specific behaviors were derived from the six sets of skills, including Communication, Thinking, Administration, Influence, Interpersonal and Change Management.

Interpersonal Skills 
Facilitative leaders must be able to promote smooth interpersonal relationships both within their employee group and between their group and other groups. Organizational success hinges on interdependence, people working together within the organization and with its customers. A leader who can effectively handle conflict and create a healthy interpersonal environment will lead his/her team to success.

marskitMars Surface Rover is a leadership experience where new or experienced leaders learn the concept and benefits of collaborative leadership. Using K’NEX® pieces to construct a Rover, the simulation focuses on the vital skills of communication, decision-making, influence, change management and more.

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