Many organizations are in a season of reviewing the previous year’s performance and setting goals for the new year.  While there is some controversy over the merits of a well-established process of ranking employees, the principles of targeted and meaningful feedback given on an ongoing basis are still valuable for individual and organizational performance.

To gauge your capability in this area, review the following points to determine your level of effectiveness in providing high-impact feedback:

  • I actively support colleagues’ job performance, growth, and development.
  • I enhance their job performance in ways that benefit them as well as their colleagues, customers, and the organization.
  • I build authentic, trusting relationships with colleagues that show I have their best interest in mind.
  • I wisely choose opportunities to seek feedback and give feedback to others.
  • I handle, reduce, or eliminate unnecessary defensiveness or negative emotions that can accompany feedback discussions.
  • I help to create a culture of teamwork and performance by proactively seeking feedback for my performance.

In the next several posts, we will describe high-impact feedback and listening skills.

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