Growing as a leader is an ongoing process and a journey; it’s much more than just a one-time event. Yet, often, we treat leadership development as an event. Below are some nuggets from others that highlight the importance of thinking about your own and others’ leader development as a journey.

  • “[T]he path to increased influence, impact, and leadership effectiveness is paved with personal growth.… Our capacity to grow determines our capacity to lead. It’s really that simple.” (Blanchard & Miller in Great Leaders Grow, 2012).
  • Developmental assignments give leaders the opportunity to ignite their ‘growing edge,’ where deeper knowledge is discovered and new capabilities are honed. Without those experiences, leaders continue to rely on a narrow set of skills and limit their career potential. (
  • Leaders “[s]eek challenges outside the workplace. Look for ways to develop your leadership capacity in nonprofit, religious, social, and professional organizations.” (, 2008).
  • “People want to be heard and sometimes the best thing you can do is to listen. Listen to your team and to others. [Effective leaders] make it a habit to practice listening way more than speaking.” (, 2014).
  • “I encourage people to pursue a lifetime of growth not just because it will make them better, or open new doors. I encourage people to grow because growth increases hope.” (John C. Maxwell, 2016).


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